Find a screeening near you or request one !

Food Coop has joined forces with – a web platform that helps individuals, groups and organizations setup personalized movie screenings in theaters – to help share the film with audiences across the USA. To spark change in your area, events can be used as fundraisers and can include audience discussions.!

Tugg’s Promoter Walkthrough will guide you through the process of hosting a screening and getting the most out of your event!

The process is simple:

1- Fill out the Event Request Form to pick the date, time, and place for your special screening.
2- The theater approves the request, and you can begin selling tickets on your personalized Event Page.
3- Sell enough tickets before the event deadline to confirm your screening. If you don’t meet this “Threshold,” no one will be charged and your event will be called off.
4- Sit back and enjoy the movie with your community!


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